Everybody keeps on thinking about diet but… guess what - I don’t care!

I am not able to exactly remember when was the moment when it have changed. Unluckily, it unquestionably had to happen somehow. Imperceptibly. A few years ago, it was normal to prepare and eat delicious food with your friends. Or to go out with your colleagues for a nice restaurant. And nobody talked about calories! We were simply enjoying the food! At this moment, it seems that many people have ruined this pleasure for themselves.

They can’t enjoy that no more as all they could wonder about while having the tasty food is:

a/ how many calories does that meal have?

b/ is it really healthy?

c/ should I actually be eating that?

Created by: pedrik
Oryginal: http://www.flickr.com
I wouldn’t overemphasise if I claim that I hate it. I love food! I really think that it is 1 of the main pleasures in our life. There are plenty of researches which present that people who are on neverending diet are much more frustrated. Some studies also show that fatter people are happier. Surely, we are not talking about people unhealthy overweight. With food is just like with any other area of life – do not cross the line; moderation is required. What I mean by it is – you can’t consume such large quantities that you will be sick. It is so obvious that I am not going to discuss it further here. But at the same time I am conviced that sticking only to healthy food may not be so great for you too. I am sure that you also surrounded by those people that are constantly on diet. Their characteristic is that they wnder and discuss about food continuously! This is very clear why It works like that – you are far more likely to think about something that you can’t cannot have. Imagine that you want to have French fries or snackpellets - traditional snack pellets.

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