IVF treatment abroad – a possibility to have a child or something that is in moral terms doubtful?

Increasingly regularly people nowadays tend to have different problems referred to becoming a parent. Although the medicine develops very quickly, there are still plenty complications it is not possible to deal with. Thus, here we ought to realize that, firstly, there are various options that are likely to support us become a parent in other way.

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However, there are various objections from institutions such as Church, which is against practices such as in-vitro etc. This is one part of discussion, whereas second refers to improving society of people, who are unable to have children and for whom such occasion like IVF treatment abroad is the only way to make their dream of becoming a biological parent come true. The discussion here is connected with manipulating human life and treating it without sufficient respect.

The problem with IVF treatment abroad (in Vitro fertilization abroad) is referred to the fact that in order to make a woman be pregnant, a manipulation is inevitable and there is an influence of doctors, which make an egg cell from the body of a woman be fertilized outside her body. That’s the reason why, the Church as an institution is not supporting similar procedures, as it means that human life looks to be manipulated. Besides, there are other ways of having a child such as adoption.
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