Serialization and aggregation – how do they work and what is their implementation in pharmaceutical packaging?

The packaging and labels of medical products and medical instruments have several relevant functions - from marketing and information to protection.

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The operations of serialization and aggregation of medical packaging are also very relevant, they must be performed in conformity with rigid internal principles and rigid conditions of the medical industry.

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A pArticularly significant concept in the manufacturing and branding of a pharmaceutical product is its serialization. This concept pinpoints the product with unique, non-punctuation serial combinations on every packaging. After placing unique codes on singular products, manufacturers have to know where these objects are situated. Aggregation can be realized by using vision technics in automatic wrappers or packet packing devices or thanks to aggregation methods, for example by means of dosage conveyors. Cartons are one of the most usually employed drug device for pharmaceutical and medical products. Marking of these packaging with good quality codes readable for people and devices is a crucial element of the medical manufacturer's traceability plan. Bottles, which are an especially often employed medical packaging, can be coded in various places. Regular and noticeable in ultraviolet or infrared radiation tags on the side of the container, on the label or cap - these are solely some of the probable solutions. Marking vials is a hard task as to the small size of the packaging.
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