Why is Wroclaw such a prominent place for dental tourism among western travelers?

Year after year, the quantity of foreign patients who are subjected to dental surgeries in Poland raises. It is approximated that Poland is right now the second most visited state because of the medical tourism, just behind Hungary.

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The Germans, British and Russians most often come to Poland, and the proportion of travelers from Scandinavian countries is also continuously incrementing.

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The growing interest of foreign visitors in Polish dental assistance makes dental tourism develop excellently. Medical and health tourism (including dental segment) is a new trend in Europe integrating dental treatment with sightseeing and relax. Visitors are most probably to choose cities with amazing tourist attractions, which are simple to get to by flying with low cost airlines. The metropolis of Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia, is unqUEstionably one of them. The city is most frequented by the Germans, British and Italians. In addition to tourist attractions appealing to visitors, dental treatment in Wroclaw is at the highest international standard. Polish doctors are well educated, more and more medical centers and dental clinics has excellent equipment and skilled employees, and the prices are commonly relevantly lower than abroad.

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